What To Expect

With raiding soon to be upon us we want to lay out what we are expecting going into raiding and progression.

Progression/Raid Team

Raid roster and progression slots: With people reappearing and all the new recruits it looks like we will have a very full raiding team for mythic progression and we will not be able to get everyone in for mythic raids on every boss.

We will be monitoring from a mechanics, numbers, and loot table stand point and will do swaps. If you are not part of the first 20 to go in but want to be available for swaps please be logged into the game and in the raid discord channel and ready to be invited and summoned. We will likely have multiple people streaming the raid in Discord. As we get further into the current content tier and people have gear needed from bosses we will be performing swaps between bosses.

We will also be trying to run Heroic groups for people who continue to need gear from there, people who are not part of the progression core (social rank), and alts on off-nights (usually Sunday and Monday).


For progression raiding the guild is planning on providing needed consumables. This covers all forms of needed items for maximizing performance. Flasks, battle pots, feasts, enchants, etc. will be provided in a method that best suits the raiding team. Supplies for this will come from guild funds (funded through BoE’s and other gold making means) and donations from its members. Donations will be noted and the leadership team will discuss ways to reward those who contribute to the greater good of the guild.

Raid Loot

With the loss of master looter we can not control/reward consistency and effort to raiders. We ask that if loot is not optimal for you that you offer it up for roll to those in the raid with you.

BoE’s will be handled differently going into Shadowlands than they were in Ny’Alotha. IF a BoE drops in a progression raid, the person it drops for has the first option to accept it and immediately equip it. If they do NOT plan on equipping it then it should be offered up for roll for those in the raid that do need it. If you roll you are also expected to equip it immediately. In both of these instances you will be inspected to make sure it was equipped. If no one inside needs it, it will be offered for roll to those waiting outside the raid on standby. Finally, if no one needs it after that it will be given to an officer to deposit in the guild bank to later be put on the auction house.

BoE eligibility will be determined by item level upgrade first over item stats.

The gold from these sales will be used to help provide consumables, enchants, repairs, etc. to the raiding team and other members of the guild. If you either get a BoE or win a roll on a BoE and it is found that you were able to keep it and sell it for personal profit you will be removed from the progression roster. You would not have been able to acquire the BoE without the help of the other 19 people in the raid and your personal enrichment should not come on the backs of the group's effort. While this might seem like something is being taken from you, you may also benefit from being on the receiving end of the loot sharing.

The guild bank is only meant to help the guild progress through the game, and the profits and spending will continually be evaluated. If the balance becomes too high we will determine a way to give back to members, and if the balance is too low we will need members to help with raiding materials until funding can be secured again.

BoP items that are not needed will be passed to an enchanter to shard and return to the guild bank.

Weapons drop as tokens for three classes each, and we will ask that every raider present has their main spec weapon through token sharing before off-spec weapons are kept for characters.


We should all have fun succeeding against new challenges together, and any issues or modifications to the rules will be handled when necessary.