Mission: Shadowlands

As we approach the Shadowlands expansion, we want to be clear on expectations, priorities, and plans for this expansion and the general future of S E V E N.

The high level plan for this expansion is to be a CE Mythic guild on every raid tier. We will be looking at ways to min/max in Mythic progression including class stacking, tank swapping, immunity stacking, etc... To this end if you can level an alt and gear them to a lvl that they can be swapped in to give advantages in boss fights we will be open to that. Most importantly, we also expect everyone to maintain a positive and encouraging attitude through progression. It will get tiresome wiping what feels like endlessly on a boss but that is part of it then all of a sudden everything starts to click. We will be looking to build each other up and help each other to maximize our individual and group performance.

Mythic at the end of BFA was a bonus as we worked on building a raid team and fought the end of expansion check out. With Shadowlands starting and it being a fresh expansion we are expecting raid progression and attendance to improve. We do not have a heavy raid schedule and will continue with a 2 day raid schedule with those days being up for discussion (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday). If anyone can not consistently commit to the decided upon 2 days they will be placed in the social rank. Consistency is key to progression. We will more consistently be using the ranks defined in the guild structure below to fill raids on progression nights. Raiders will have priority over social members for raid slots. Lastly, we still plan to run a third optional night if there is interest in continuing the week's progressions or for alt/social heroic runs.

Performance will be based on many factors. Executing mechanics, doing your designated role and not dying are paramount to success and will be the primary metrics for measuring performance. Second will be your role performance. If you are lagging greatly behind other DPS, healing below other healers, or dying as a tank, we will look at bringing someone else in. If they consistently perform better your ranks could be switched. Third will be preparedness. We will try to make sure you are aware of what content we are doing each week in progression. We will post videos to the strategies we intend to implement. It will be imperative that everyone comes to raid already knowing what we will be attempting to do for said bosses. The expectation is that everyone brings enough consumables to cover the full raid including Flasks, health and mana potions, battle potions, and the best food for your class. Log analysis will be done after each raid and will be available to the whole guild to help improve and monitor performance. Lastly, Guild donations will be noted by the officers. Mats for pots, food, enchants, gems along with the crafted items will go towards ranking also.

With all that said, if the above does not sound fun to you, the social rank is still there. The game should first and foremost be fun. We will still have a fun and active non-raid community for PVP, M+, and hanging out. If you are currently raiding and want to play a little less seriously in Shadowlands then what is outlined above please let an officer know soon.