Update on Guild Matters And Expectations in Patch 9.0.5:


The officers had a meeting to discuss our progress in Shadowlands, and this is a summary of the discussion, decisions, and our goals going forward.

Discussion Items:

  1. As a real-life-first guild focused on a positive community, who also happens to do progression raiding, we are behind on our goal to reach Cutting Edge status in Shadowlands 9.0.

  2. We should enjoy raiding together and defeating new challenges without the stress of how far we can get before the next patch comes out. The officers have decided to use the term Progression Raiding Guild rather than Cutting Edge Guild going forward.

  3. General raid improvements that were discussed:

    1. Callouts: Obliter (Duskian) is the raid leader for callouts. Modernpagan and Drewguedots/Boozelee are backups. As we experience a certain boss fight more often, certain raid calls may be reduced. For example, people should not be told when to hide behind the pillar on Shriekwing any more.

    2. If you are having difficulty with a boss cue and would have trouble with less callouts, speak privately with an officer, and we can continue without any indication of who still needs them. If you are approached privately about a frequent mechanic issue, do not take insult at the opportunity to improve.

    3. Required addons: The following addons are required for raid.

      1. Deadly Boss Mods OR Bigwigs

      2. Weakauras - Any specific Weakauras for a raid night will be shared/reminded at the beginning of raid time.

      3. RCLootCouncil (more below)

    4. Better use of raid time:

      1. Attendance: Please use the game calendar to sign up for raids. Please let an officer know as soon as possible if you will unexpectedly miss or be late for a night you have signed up for. Please do not show up after you have been AFK for several weeks without discussing whether your seat has been filled in your absence.

      2. Please arrive at the raid on time with your correct talents and consumables. Nineteen other people are waiting on you and depending on you.

      3. Raid loot: Be aware of the loot rules that are posted in Discord. We may need periodic reminders for newcomers.

    5. New clarification: The half-tier items that drop from the final bosses will be considered a major upgrade over the item level of the earlier bosses even though it is not the normal item level of a major upgrade.

      1. The entire raid loot sticky post will be updated / simplified shortly.

      2. We will be using the RCLootCouncil mod for simplification of loot going forward. Please install it.

    6. New boss strategies will be given several tries, rather than trying something for only one pull and then switching immediately.

  1. Main raid:

    1. Main characters are the only characters at progression raids.

    2. A few individuals do change mains periodically for the sake of raid composition.

    3. Alt heroic runs on a different night are being discussed.

  2. Mythic Roster:

    1. Since mythic raids are limited to exactly 20 people, it is the officers' decision who can participate that night if there are more than 20.

    2. Character swaps per boss for loot purposes will not be done until we have deemed a boss "farm status".

Conclusion: We want to encourage a fun and less stressful raid environment. We believe by slightly changing our expectations and looking at how to improve our short raid times are ways we believe we can improve both our raid atmosphere and raid progression.

We would welcome any feedback, and you can always approach an officer directly with any concerns or post in Discord.