Raid Required & Recommended Addons

Why are they required?

To put it simply, the leadership team of S E V E N has collectively agreed that raiding without these addons is counter-productive towards progression and overall raid awareness.

What are the required addons?

Here is a list of the required addons, along with links to them on curseforge for ease of obtaining:

  • One of the following boss mods:

  • WeakAuras

    • Any instance or fight specific required weak aura will be linked in the one of the raid or addon specific channels in discord.

    • We recommend using some of the class/role specific auras that are available on

  • RCLootCouncil - This is used only to handle rolling of loot. We do not use a Council style distribution system.

  • Method Raid Tools - additional raid assistance tools

What are the recommended addons?

These addons are not required by the guild, but are highly recommended due to their functionality.

Recommended addons for all classes:

  • One of the damage & healing meters to monitor your performance:

  • MoveAnything - Lets you move parts of your UI around so you can put them in more convenient or accessible locations.

  • GTFO - Plays an audible cue when you are standing in something that you shouldn't be. Can be integrated into WeakAuras to add a visual alert.

Recommended addons for Healers. This list will include many different addons that can be used together or on their own. Pick and choose what you prefer, or use your own set of healing addons:

  • Vuhdo - Stand-alone raid frame and click to heal addon. Highly customizable visually and performance wise. Supports importing of pre-built visual and keybind settings. has a section for browsing.

  • HealBot Continued - Similar to Vuhdo

  • Clique - Let's you set keybinds to click heal on raid frames or in the 3D game world.

  • Grid2 - Raid Frame replacement addon that is fully customizable to display what you want.